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One of the most common matters that
has captivated everyone’s attention
is to set up a proper hairstyle adjustably
with the type of event or ceremony .
However this technical manual will help you
discover a brand of new hairstyle to form
according to your face and skin colour.
If you would like to pose or undercut with short ,medium or long hair , there are a wide
range of remarkable cuts and styles to
choose from .From the comb over to the
slicked back , modern-classic , crop top ,
natural texture and side part for men
to such short , medium , long hairstyles
as layered Bob,textured pixie , messy and
multilayers for ladies . However , LBS Salon
can offer the clients many modern - day
hairstyles that definitely provide their
social and emotional means .

Hair Care

We are efficiently prepared to discover your
ideal hair colour when you pick out the range of shades , products , highlighter , shampoo and technical formulates .
However , from bold to subtle , temporary to
permanent , and also dark to light , all in all ,
are up for grabs .

Skin Care

LBS has also specialised to remove the hair
from the common areas of the body such as
legs , underarms , chest and face by
waxing and hair removal substances .

Our remarkable natural skin cares comprise topical
creams and lotions made of ingredients available
in nature . Medical evidences proved that the main
stem of the relevant creams technically and
pharmacologically must be plant-derived ingredients ,
which may include herbs, roots , flowers , and essential oils .


Waxing turns out better reliable and smoother
results because the excessive hair can entirely
be uprooted . Shaving , however , has its own
difficulties and also it’s a timetaking gesture so
that some involved people may not have much time
to carry it out ; and much more than that it
sometimes result in stubbles . Usually , however, if
you really would like to get rid of the frequency of
shaving effects such as itchiness , skin sensitiveness
and the redness accompanied some abrasive scratches
WAXING is the best ideal solution to trust .

We are proud to offer full - service waxing menus
for both women and men from facial to Latin
bikinis , backs , eyebrows , legs and full body waxes .
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