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While some people really seem to have a knack for barbequing – always grilling up a perfect meal.

    Women’s Haircut - $ 30 & up
    Men’s haircut - $ 25 & up 
    Buzz Cut - $ 20 
    Kid’s Haircut (12 and under ) -  $18 
    Senior Citizen Haircut - $6 discount
    Haircut and Blow-dry - $ 45 & up
    Specialty Cut - on consultation
    Bangs Trim - $10
    Neck Trim - $10
    Shampoo. - $8


    Basic Blowout - $20 , up
    Shampoo and blow-dry with a brush .

    Ironworks - $20 , up
    Flat iron or cutting with service .

    Styling - $50 , up
    Braiding , up- style , and curls .

    Shampoo and Set - $26 , up
    Cut , Shampoo & Basic - $36 , up
    Cut , Shampoo & Full Style - $46 and up


    Filler / Toner Add - On - $20
    Partial Foil - $50 , up
    Up to 12 foils

    Accept Foil - &25 , up
    Up to 4 Foils

    Cap Highlight - $65 , up

    Dimensional colour -$90 , up
    Two or more colours to create a unique ,
    Multi- Dimensional look

    Ombre -$90 , Up
    Hair Colouring technique where a gradual
    Fading of colour from dark to light , or vice
    versa is achieved .

    Balayage - $90 , up
    Free hand technique of applying highlights ,
    or lowlights with select pieces of hair receiving
    the colour enhancement .


    Single Process -$65 , up

    Double Process - $85 , up

    Corrective Colour -$85 , up

    Touch-Up Colour -$50 , up

    Brow Tint -$15 , up

    Men / Camo -$30 , up


    colour Treated -$15

    Moisture Losss -$15

    Dry - Scalp and Dandruff -$25

    Clarifying - $15

    Maliba - $20 , up


    Basic Wave -$60 , up

    Specialty Wave -$75 , up

    Partial Wave -$45 , up


    Eyebrow threading -$15

    Eyebrow waxing -$15

    Lip or Chin -$8

    Face - $30

    Half Leg -$35

    Full Leg -$ 65

    Underarm -$25

    Full Arm -$35

    Back -$ 50

    Bikini -$ 30

What is total skincare?

Gravity is an irresistible force. While it is certainly nice that it keeps us rooted to the planet, it also has a habit of pulling things lower than we might like over time. Breast Lifts – Improvement Without Implants

Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the more popular areas of plastic surgery. That being said, the controversy surrounding breast implants may make you pause when considering the various enhancement procedures available. Breast lifts are designed to fight the effects of gravity.

How does total skincare work?

The combination of hot and cold stones encourages your body to detox and heal through increasing your lymphatic flow and encouraging your body to remove waste products.

Some other benefits of hot stone massage include:

relaxing tense muscles
aiding pain relief
alleviating depression
promoting sleep
improving circulation.

What are the benefits of skincare?

With all of the styling tool options available in today’s market, it can be very confusing to choose the best curling iron for your hair. I mean, let’s face it; most curling irons claim to be the best buy, but are they really? So, what should you really look for in a curling iron and what should you avoid?

When choosing the best curling iron for your hair, you should discount everything that companies say about their product in order to market it. I mean, they have a vested interest in selling more curling irons, so who would believe what they had to say anyway? But you should pay attention to what is written on the packaging in the small letters.


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